I’ve been in my new place now for a few days and just wanted to send you a quick note saying thank you for your Herculean efforts to get a mortgage lined up for me under strenuous circumstances.

I understand with your extensive experience that this would be all in a day’s work for you, but without that experience, especially under the circumstances, I almost certainly would not have been able to purchase my home and I just wanted to make known to you my appreciation for everything you did to secure me not only a mortgage, but a mortgage under short notice and with a discounted rate.  I am extremely grateful.

This was the most stressful thing I have EVER done in my life.  Your calm, professional demeanor and experience managing the financial end of the transaction went a long way to calming my nerves and making a complex legal transaction much easier to navigate.

I am now slowly settling in and starting a new chapter of my life, thanks to you and my realtor, A.  Expect to hear from me in five years when it comes times to renew.

Thanks again Anne You were fantastic!



I wanted to drop you and your staff a note in order to express our thankfulness.  Me and my family want to thank all of you for all your help with the purchasing of our dream home.  You and your staff were wonderful, you all did an excellent job.  Again, Thank you!! to all of you.  It has been a pleasure to work with such knowledgeable and dedicated professionals like you all do.

Best of everything to you all and your family.

God bless you all,


There aren’t adequate words really to express our gratitude for your help with our home purchase.  We are so happy and feeling grateful about so much – your humour, professionalism, honesty…you’re the best!


W / C / K


Again thank you! For all of the help and guidance you provided so that we could refinance our home for our basement renovation.

We so appreciated your expertise and the time you spent helping us navigate the process. We are grateful.

With appreciation,

The A family


I would like to say, from the bottom of my heart, an appreciative thank you for all the work you did for us and making sure we got such a good rate.  You’re awesome!

Thanks from H / B


Thank you so much for all your help!

TB and RR


Thank you so much for all your help and the extra time and effort!

Best wishes,


F / LS


Thank you so much for your patience, guidance and efforts!

We truly appreciate everything you’ve done for us 😊

J / D



From the bottom of my heart I thank you for all the support and hugs when I needed them!

Thank you so much,



We cannot thank you enough for all of the time, care, and effort you have put in for us.

Thank you for helping us find our dream home, and starting our next chapter!

Hoping our paths cross again,

J / C



Thank you for all your hard work and dedication over these last couple of months.  You’ve made all of our dreams come true!  We’re so incredibly grateful to you and everything you’ve done!

Wishing you all the best,

D / C


The world needs more people like you in it. Thanks for being you.  By hook, by crook – I’ll find a way to share of token of thanks for all you’ve done.



Thank you so much for all your hard work for our family!  You went above and beyond to get us where we needed and wanted to be.  So grateful to you!

T / B